City facing possible thousands in fines

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It’s been years in the making, but the City of Mobile’s problems with ADEM are about to overflow. The city faces thousands of dollars in fines that Mayor Sandy Stimpson is taking steps to avoid. One big step, a new contract with a new storm water management company.
“Not only do they have a proven track record, they came in saving the city a considerable amount of money over the previous contract … from about $500,000 to $366,000,” said Stimpson.
Payne Environmental Services was awarded the contract. The company has worked with Mobile County since 2004 and the city of Prichard for the last 5-years. Stimpson said he made his intentions known.
“We just made sure there wasn’t anything they did not understand about the scope of work. They’ve reviewed the city’s permit from that they can extract what is required and not kiddingly, we said failure is not an option. We have got to do what is required of ADEM,” Stimpson said.
Right now, the city faces at least $475,000 in fines for not being in-compliance. Many of the fines come from reports not being turned in on time in years past. Stimpson is meeting with ADEM’s director next week to see if there are any more fines on top of that.
“He wants to know what we’re going to do to be in-compliance that’s bottom-line, he wants to make sure we have a program in place,” said Stimpson.
Stimpson said he doesn’t know if the director will show any leniency when he sees the plan from Payne Environmental. He said this program has been in trouble for years and today was the first major step to get the city in compliance.
Stimpson hopes Payne Environmental will train city employees over the upcoming years so that the city can take over storm water management itself.
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