“Candy Lady” fights off robber

Robber pulls knife on  candy lady  2119210000 5314985 ver1.0 640 480 300x168 Candy Lady fights off robber

Mobile police are looking for the person  who pulled a knife on a neighborhood candy lady.  but the attempted robbery apparently didn’t go as planned.

The “Candy lady” didn’t want us to us to use her name, but she’s well known in the Crichton community where she supplies snacks to children and adults alike.

It’s small business that’s helps the 60 year old supplement her fixed income.

“If it’s nothing but pay one bill, that’s one bill less I have to scrounge and see where it’s going to come from,” she said.

Last week someone came to her door and asked for a snickers bar, but the candy lady quickly realized he had something else on his mind.

“When he stood up that’s when I reached forward to make the exchange and he took the door and grabbed it out my hand and he came at me with a knife,” she explained.

The attempted robber probably didn’t expect what happened next.

“I fought him  off, and I kind of tripped him up to make sure he fell on this side of my porch the outside, and that’s when I tussled a little bit with him and I screamed.  I know I screamed it should have been heard two streets over,” she said.

Every since the shooting death of Lai Robinson, another local candy lady back in June, the Crichton Candy lady says she tries to be a lot more careful.

“I’m not scary by nature, but yeah it opened my eyes that I should be more careful, and it opened my families eyes, hence the burglar bar door now,” she said.

The woman said police have a good description of the suspect, and she’s hopeful they’ll be able to make an arrest soon.

If you have any information about the robbery call mobile police.

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