You can stop smoking and still lose weight

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Obesity and smoking are two things that are very dangerous. If you’ve ever known anyone who’s trying to stop smoking, they may tell you they’re afraid they’re going to gain weight when they kick the habit. Dr. Snellgrove from Eastern Shore Weight Loss says it is possible to stop smoking and keep the weight off.

He says interestingly enough, at one time some doctors recommended smoking to people who needed to lose weight because it was believed that nicotine was an appetite suppressant. But while nicotine may suppress your appetite, it also increases your heart rate, and the main reason smokers were losing weight is because cigarettes were keeping their mouth and hands busy, so they were eating less.

Dr. Snellgrove says some smokers who are trying to quit turn to electronic cigarettes, which provide nicotine, but without all the smoke and carcinogens. Some people may not realize it, but even when they’re smoking electronic cigarettes, they’re still addicted to nicotine, and electronic cigarettes aren’t inexpensive. Dr. Snellgrove says the reason electronic cigarettes might be helpful to some smokers is that they allow them to keep their hands and mouth busy with something besides food, and they allow smokers to get nicotine to suppress their appetite.

Dr. Snellgrove says the real solution is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle which involves not smoking, eating healthy and exercising regularly. He and his staff at Eastern Shore Weight Loss have a plan that can help people who are trying to stop smoking, or who have stopped smoking, lose weight. He says it takes a lot of care to deal with the major lifestyle overhaul that comes with quitting and changing your lifestyle to a healthy one, but that’s where their program can be helpful.

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