What to do after an auto accident


You should take these steps to ensure you’re taken care of after you’re in an auto accident.

Calling the police is a way of protecting yourself. Even in a small wreck an accident report can help tremendously in proving your claim. It has important data that will aid you in your claim against the insurance company.

Should the person take photos of the scene and get witness names and phone numbers
The more evidence you have of the scene the better. Pictures and witnesses can help paint a picture of what happened better than what the police report alone can offer. Greene and Phillips has an App for Android and iPhone that walks you through the steps of what to do after an accident including getting Information about the other driver’s insurance company.

What should the person do about medical treatment?
If there is any damage to either vehicle it’s likely that there is damage to your body. You should definitely get checked out by a doctor. You also need to follow their advice and complete your medical treatment plan the doctor has prescribed. It’s very difficult for you to recover fully if you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions.

If the other driver’s insurance company calls what should you say?
After your accident you may get a call from the other driver’s insurance company asking for a recorded statement. You are not required by law to talk to them, and without an attorney present, you can often hurt your case by agreeing to talk to them.

When should someone hire an attorney?
To make sure you get the full value of your claim, make sure all your medical bills are paid, hire a personal injury lawyer that focuses on car accidents.

Greene & Phillips has tool for people to use after after an accident.
We have an app available for Android and iPhone. that you should download right now. It’s completely free and it walks you through the steps of what you should do after an accident.

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