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Austal USA

The Future of Austal USA

The Mobile area’s biggest manufacturer is a firm that keeps growing from its complex of buildings on the Mobile river. Austal USA is the Mob…


Food trucks for the Food Bank

Food Trucks for the Bay Area Food Bank” will be held at the Mobile Convention Center on Saturday from 11am until 3pm.


PHOTOS: Halloween 2014

Send us your Halloween photos! We’d love to see your costumes and decorations. Please send your submissions to ReportIt@Fox10tv.com

mardi gras family festival

Mardi Gras Family Festival

The Mobile Museum of Art is celebrating 50 years. The celebration includes a special exhibition “The Art & Design of Mardi Gras.” The exhibi…

candy that is bad for your teeth

Halloween Candy Teeth Tips

Kids love Halloween candy! But their teeth don’t! Dr. Corey Ford from Vital Smiles joined us on Studio10 with some teeth tips on Halloween t…


Studio10 Tech 10-30

Google is searching for a cancer cure. The company is working on a wearable device that would detect cancer and other diseases. It would mon…

cheesy egg bites

Cheese and Egg Bites

Athletes must have breakfast to start their day. Egg and Cheese bites are easy to make, delicious to eat, packed with protein and energy, an…